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How do survival swim lessons work?

Our Survival Swim Program is Monday - Thursday at whatever time slot you sign up for. Each lesson is 10-15 minutes long. Repetition is key with small children but they also get tired quickly. So short frequent lessons are most beneficial, which is why lessons are 4 days a week. All of our lessons are private one-on-one lessons. Your child will always have our unique individual coaching.

What should I bring with us?

Make sure your child has a REUSABLE swim diaper if not potty trained. Some children chose to wear bathing suits while others prefer to just swim in their swim diaper. Don’t forget a towel and a smile!

How long are Survival Swim Courses?

As you know, all children are unique. Due to the fact that all children learn at different speeds, Little Ripples does not put a time frame on your child. We tell parents to plan for around 6 weeks of lessons. This time frame is an estimate and a lot of factors can change how quickly your swimmer graduates.

How Much are classes?

All of our courses are charged at a weekly rate. Typically, lessons are $100 a week with a one time (per family) $50 registration fee. We are dedicated to trying to reach as many children and families as possible and we are always trying to reduce the financial burden. Because of this, we often run specials on our weekly tuition fees and offer discounts to siblings as well!

Will I be in the pool with my child?

No, all of our lessons are private one-on-one lessons with the child and instructor. Parents are welcome to sit nearby to observe.

At what age do you begin classes?

We like to start survival float as soon as baby can crawl or furniture walk. 

Where are you located?

Little Ripples uses pools in Topeka, KS Contact us today to find out more,

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